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The Economics of Hiring Safe Drivers: Cost vs Benefits


With some of the most luxurious (and exhilarating!) cars in the world accessible for daily and even hourly rental, Dubai has made a name for itself as a premium rental vehicle with a safe driver destination. The problems of traveling in an unfamiliar place are eliminated by driver and car services providers like SafeDriverDXB. Simply hire and drive or reserve a car with a driver using the user-friendly app and pick up your car at a convenient local location to enjoy driving whenever and wherever you choose.

Of course, there are situations in which working while driving is preferable to having fun behind the wheel. Or when dealing with traffic feels like unnecessary stress. For those occasions, booking a car with driver can help you save time and unwind.

Read this informative article from SafeDriverDXB for a thorough analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a safe driver based on the cost analysis.

How Much It Costs To Hire a Safe Driver in Dubai 

A car-plus-driver hire normally costs between 2.5x and 4.5x as much as an only hourly driver for your own automobile, with a minimum rate of 80 AED/hour. Although it is a little bit expensive, hiring a chauffeur service from one of Dubai’s reputable car rental providers is dependable and secure.

Reasons People in Dubai Frequently Safe Drivers

While time savings and avoiding stress associated with driving are the two main justifications for hiring a safe driver , there are other causes for doing so. These reasons may include

Less time and more work

several meetings and places to visit in a short amount of time. Time-sensitive events that can not be avoided at any cost. In the aforementioned situations, having a driver who is knowledgeable with the area’s roads and traffic laws can help to ensure that you reach your destination on time and in a positive mood.

Going on a trip

Some more reason to hire a driver may include taking a group of people on a trip.  Having fun with tourists and guests in Dubai. When transporting a sizable group, it is advantageous to have a driver that is familiar with the region’s tourist destinations and cultural hubs as well as other ways to get to each location.

Drops guests at their home

Hiring safe drivers to transport guests home from parties involving alcohol consumption is necessary due to the strict “zero alcohol while driving” policy in the UAE. For a safe driver, a premium car rental normally charges at least 180 AED per trip, but if you own a car, you can get dependable services for a little less money.

Benefits of hiring a Car with a Driver

The most popular reasons for hiring a car with a chauffeur while in Dubai are enumerated in the preceding section. The benefits and drawbacks of hiring a car with a driver are briefly discussed below:

Reduces time 

You have more time to handle essential phone calls, online meetings, and other professional and personal responsibilities while you ride in a safe driver .

Reduces tension 

Despite being large and well-maintained, Dubai’s roadways might be difficult for beginners because of things like:

  • Driving with your right
  • Using multi-lane roads’ potentially perplexing entries and exits
  • other drivers’ aggressive driving
  • weather that is harsh
  • Your trip might be more enjoyable if your driver is familiar with the area’s traffic patterns and weather.

Staying away from fines and penalties 

Dubai strictly enforces its traffic laws. Parking infractions, exceeding the speed limit by more than 20 km/h, and driving under the influence (DUI) are all subject to steep fines and harsh punishments, which may include time in jail. Hiring a driver from Dubai could reduce these dangers.

 Leaving a good impression 

A successful business encounter can depend on making a good first impression while exiting a safe driver. Several business travelers to Dubai take advantage of this by hiring a safe driver .

The expenditures associated with employing a driver, however, are not all monetary. The main issues with using a hired driver include:

What to Know Before Getting a safe driver 

When considering whether and where to hire a safe driver in Dubai, or Inter emirates transfer services, it helps to be aware of a few insider details. Here, we list the key elements to consider when choosing wisely:

1. Comfort of your trip with respect to multiple cars 

Larger sedans, SUVs, and luxury automobiles are frequently available as escorted rentals while economy category models are typically exclusively offered as self-drive options. This may have an impact on both the comfort of your trip (navigation, parking), as well as the cost of your rental car.

2. Rental cars are typically more expensive when rented at the airport. 

For the Dubai airport transfer, hiring a rental through a hotel concierge service will likely cost more than doing it directly through a reputable agency’s website or app.

3. Turn on and utilize satnav, particularly for less well-known locations. 

Dubai drivers may not be familiar with lesser-known locations, despite the fact that they are typically conversant with big monuments and tourist sites. Poor signal reception in some locales and inexperience with using the vehicle GPS may exacerbate navigational issues. As a result, it is advised for visitors to Dubai to turn on their phones’ sat nav and use it even when a hired driver is behind the wheel.

Conclusion: Is Hiring a Safe Driver Worth the Money?

In Dubai, hiring a safe driver makes sense if you’re not at ease operating a vehicle in an unfamiliar city. Although we discussed Why Hire a Driver in Dubai in detail. While traveling, you must make the most of every minute to complete crucial tasks. Meeting your budget goals can be a challenge, but a service like SafeDriverDXB can help with its budget friendly packages.