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How Monthly Driver Services Can Cater To Special Occasions & Events In Dubai

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As there are countless benefits of hiring a personal driver, one more can also be considered that a monthly driver service will cater to special occasions and events in Dubai.

But the discussion doesn’t end here, basically it opens to a debate on one more point on which we will try to draw your attention. The real benefit of hiring a monthly driver service will save a lot of time which can be wasted if you take all the planning into your hands and also have to look for driving and reach those places that are visited for the preparation of those special events and occasions.

This is how to host a special event

Maybe you’re looking forward to spending time with family and friends or celebrating a significant life event. No matter what type of special occasion you’re planning, you want your guests to remember it.

An unforgettable and immersive event can be held at a supper club. Afterwards, your attendees will talk about their experience for a long time. Let’s explore all the ways you can enhance your special occasion.

Beyond catering

Catering is not the only service available at supper clubs. In addition to curating a delicious menu, hire a chef at your event. During the preparation of your meal, they explain the food and its origins to you and your guests. Culinary experiences begin with open dialogue with hosts. As much as the food itself, it is an authentic experience that extends far beyond mere preparation.

Choose a unique location

Your event can be held at the host’s home, at your own home, or at an exotic location (such as a yacht, public park, desert, etc.). It all depends on the requirements of your private event.

Guests of BreakBread are treated to extraordinary culinary experiences hosted in the homes of our chefs/hosts. If you need a larger venue, please reserve it on your own and let us know when and where your host will arrive. At SafeDriverDXB, you can rely on us for all the traveling journeys to your event location. Hire a safe driver Dubai that will take you or your guests to place. It will make your mind feel relaxed because you don’t need to drive on your own.

World-class cuisine

A luxury experience opens up a world of culinary possibilities for your special event. Restaurants and party venues typically offer predetermined catering menus rather than customized menus.

You can choose from a wide range of menu options. In addition to traditional Caribbean and Lebanese dishes, Italian, Moroccan, and French (and everything in between) can also be included in the cuisine.

Small intimate gatherings to large festive events

Unlike many restaurants and event venues, you can also customize your event experience. Regardless of the number of guests or the type of menu, you must have the knowledge and expertise to handle any event.

Whether you’re planning a small intimate gathering or a large corporate event. Find a host and menu type that appeals to you.

How Monthly Driver Services Links to Special Events And Occasions

As we discussed above the requirements and necessary arrangements to host an event but there are some other places and occasions which do not require your own preparation on ground level. Rather, it would require your effort on arranging the multiple transportations modes.

This phase would require extensive planning because traveling experience is not cheap at all. A good strategy will not only save you several dirhams, but also will make your name stand out at your workplace especially if you are hired for outdoor events planning.

Visit to Aquaventure Waterpark in Dubai.

Get an all-day, entrance-only ticket to Aquaventure Waterpark in Dubai. Water rides and adventures fit for all ages await you at Aquaventure Dubai, part of Atlantis The Palm resort.

You can choose from a variety of attractions: corkscrew chutes, shark tunnels, Splasher’s Island, and lazy rivers. Choose from 21 exhibits within The Lost Chambers, the Atlantis-themed aquarium containing 65,000 marine animals.

Hire a personal safe driver that will take you to this Guinness World Record holder park and enjoy it with your family or friends. At SafeDriverDXB, we offer several models of coasters/ hiace / cars with drivers so that you can also enjoy the journey to reach this wonderful park.

Visit to Red Dunes Desert

You can visit the Arabian Desert for a half-day tour from your Dubai hotel with convenient round-trip transportation. Aside from navigation, your guide offers dune bashing, sandboarding, and camel rides for all ages. Convenient round-trip transportation from Dubai hotels to experience the Arabian Desert comfortably and conveniently.

Booking a hassle free monthly driver service in Dubai is a perfect choice to enjoy several wonderful places like red dunes desert, etc. A new destination each day for the whole month of summer.

Visit Burj Khalifa

Visit Levels 124, 125, and 148 of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa for the ultimate Burj Khalifa experience, the world’s highest observatory. With this “At the Top SKY” experience, you can choose a peak or non-peak time slot, skip security lines and elevator lines, enjoy the views from every level, and enjoy refreshments in the SKY Lounge. Booking in advance ensures your spot and saves you vacation time.

Hiring a corporate driver from SafeDriverDXB is a perfect choice that will take your guest from the location and drop them at Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. Also, you can use this service for your client’s team visiting Dubai.

Visit to Grand Mosque

Learn about Abu Dhabi on a day trip from Dubai that lets you explore the largest emirate on a budget. With our Inter Emirates service, you can visit Grand mosque Abu Dhabi along with family on this coming Eid Al adha occasion.

With this tour, you don’t have to worry about logistics, and a guide takes you straight to Abu Dhabi highlights like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the Emirates Palace, and the Etihad Towers.

Tour of Dubai

Let’s say that you or your loved ones are visiting Dubai for a week or two, and due to your busy schedule, you can not join them for the whole day. Our monthly driver service is perfect for them to enjoy the most visited places of Dubai. Our dedicated professional driver will be with them for the whole day, 5 or 6 days a week, for the duration of the whole month.

Summing Up

From visiting multiple places to arranging an event for a special occasion, hiring a monthly driver service is perfect to cater you. As we discussed so many reasons above that strongly emphasize on how we can save a lot of time by hiring a personal safe driver. And that time can be invested in our work productivity.