Here’s a budget-friendly guide For Living in Dubai


It may come as a surprise to some that living in Dubai can also be done on a budget too, with its tall skyscrapers, glitzy cars, and overall lavish lifestyle! Here’s our guide to living on a budget in Dubai if you want to save money for the future or be more careful with your daily expenses.

If you’re looking to cut down on grocery shopping or rent expenses, we’ve got some helpful tips. See how you can reduce your spending in these areas by looking at the various essential expenses in Dubai for most residents.

Where to Live

There are ways to save money on rent in Dubai, but housing remains one of the biggest expenses for most residents.

Choose a Neighborhood That is Affordable

Aside from luxurious and dreamy properties, affordable housing is also readily available in Dubai for tenants on a tight budget.When looking for a house in Dubai, you should focus on areas where you can live on a budget. Al Nahda, Dubai Silicon Oasis, and Deira are some of the most popular areas to rent cheap apartments. A 1-bedroom flat starts at AED 23k to AED 24k per year on average. Relocating to a more budget-friendly neighborhood, such as Dubai Production City, is one of the most affordable tips for affordable living in Dubai

Deira and Al Nahda are budget-friendly neighborhoods in Old Dubai, while Dubai Silicon Oasis is relatively new. Supermarkets, pharmacies, and salons will be available in almost all areas. Find the most affordable areas to live in Dubai based on your salary to avoid exceeding your rental budget. When choosing a property, you should take into consideration the distance and traveling costs between the property and your workplace or your child’s school. Lower rent means you won’t have to spend money on daily travel arrangements.

Legally Share an Apartment

A singleton living in Dubai can lead a budget lifestyle by sharing an apartment with a flatmate. You must, however, abide by strict rules for sharing accommodation in Dubai to stay on the right side of the law.

The Transportation

Dubai residents can also save money by using the following tips. If possible, try to travel by public transportation but if it’s not possible and you have your own car then hiring a driver is the best economical solution you can do on occasions and need only. When your travel needs are fulfilled by SafeDriverDxb then you can

Your Workplace and Children’s School Are Close by

In Dubai, renting near your workplace or children’s school is one of the best ways to save money. If you live near the places you frequently visit, you can reduce your transportation costs significantly.

Using Map View, you can find available homes near your points of interest using our innovative tools. You’ll save time and money if you live near your child’s school if you’re a parent. You can find the best residential areas near Dubai’s most popular schools in our School Guide. Located close to offices and schools, Dubai Silicon Oasis is an affordable, mixed-use community

Public Transport is Effective in Dubai

Residents can commute safely and affordably in Dubai thanks to its extensive public transportation network, which includes buses, ferries, metros and trams. One of the top tips for living on a budget in Dubai is to use public transportation. It costs as little as AED 4 to take the Dubai Metro, which connects most of the city’s major landmarks and districts.

Each month, you will only have to pay 350 to 400 AED for a NOL pass that allows you to use public transport facilities in Dubai. It is also possible to find a property in Dubai close to a metro station. The cost might be a little higher, but you’ll probably save money on travel. It is important to analyze the costs and benefits of such factors before taking any action.

To Escape Road Tolls, Use Alternative Routes

Car owners in Dubai will be familiar with Salik. You can avoid toll fees, however, if you’re looking for tips on living on a budget and don’t mind a long commute.

To find routes without Salik toll gates, use Google Maps’ ‘Avoid Tolls’ option. Among them are Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311), D 83/Rebat Street, the Floating Bridge, and Business Bay Crossing.

Food & Beverages

Do you want to save money on food in Dubai? Shopping for groceries can be made more prudent in several ways. Cheap grocery stores in Dubai offer quality yet affordable products if you have a strict monthly budget. There are three of these stores: West Zone, Nesto Hypermarket, and Union Cooperative. There are also competitive prices and products offered by the Carrefour and Lulu supermarket chains. You can earn and redeem points for grocery shopping at many supermarkets, such as Carrefour’s SHARE.

These supermarkets in Dubai often communicate bundle offers and special discounts through their social media channels.

Buying local and in-season produce as much as possible is a handy tip for those trying to save money on food in Dubai. It is also possible to reduce your monthly grocery bill by buying imported food items and expensive meat cuts only occasionally. Looking for ways to lower your grocery bill in Dubai? You can reduce your grocery bill by shopping for local produce


Considering that children’s tuition fees make up a large part of a family’s monthly expenditures, it makes sense to look for ways to reduce spending on education in Dubai. Not only tuition fees, but school bus expenditures are also one of the biggest problems you can face in dubai. It is also a major consideration of your budget. Hiring a driver for school pick and drop through safedriverdxb can help you reduce the school travel cost of your children because the time which is saved in pick and drop of your children can be invested in your business.

The cost of Indian curriculum schools in Dubai tends to be lower than that of other curriculums. The most affordable schools in Dubai can also be found there. KHDA’s guidelines require all schools to adhere to its guidelines, so a lower fee doesn’t imply inferior education. You can get a fair idea of the quality of schools by looking at KHDA’s rating.

Scholarships and sibling discounts can also help you save on tuition costs. Sibling discounts on tuition fees may be available if you have more than one child attending school. The third and fourth siblings of a student can receive a 25% discount at GEMS schools, for example. In addition, some schools offer tuition fee discounts through partnerships with certain banks.


You can have fun in Dubai without spending too much while enjoying brunches, spa treatments, and luxury staycations. The city’s parks are a great way to spend your weekends if you’re living in Dubai on a budget

Dubai Free and Budget Friendly Activities

In Dubai, you can enjoy lush green parks, soaking up the sun at the beach, and catching some funky street art for free over the weekend. Why not enjoy a budget-friendly BBQ in the park with friends instead of spending money at a restaurant?

When the weather is cool, Dubai’s beautiful outdoor venues are also perfect for those looking to stay active on a budget.

Download a Discount App

You can take advantage of popular discount apps in Dubai if you enjoy eating out or trying various activities in the city. You will be able to save a few bucks this way. For those living in Dubai on a budget, apps such as The Entertainer are helpful. There are buy-one-get-one deals at restaurants, salons, attractions, and more!

Also, families can enjoy a delicious meal at Dubai restaurants where kids eat for free to save a few bucks. How can you save money in Dubai? Take advantage of lower airfares by booking your tickets in advance

Book Airline Tickets Ahead

Looking for a budget-friendly way to live in Dubai? You can enjoy a relaxing vacation without draining your wallet with a well-planned holiday. Book your flight tickets well in advance to get the best prices. It is also possible to save money on air tickets by flying with budget airlines in the UAE, such as FlyDubai and Air Arabia.


There are some steps you can take to ensure your electricity bill doesn’t exceed your budget if you’re searching for ‘how to live cheaply in Dubai’.

Renting a Chiller-free Apartment May Be an Option

Summertime can be a challenging time to maintain air conditioning in Dubai, especially with its hot climate. There are, however, chiller-free apartments in Dubai available for rent for those seeking a budget lifestyle. A/C or chillers are usually paid for by the landlord in such cases. JVC and Al Nahda are popular areas to rent chiller-free apartments.

Save Energy by Taking Simple Steps

Check out our guide on how to lower your monthly utility bills in Dubai. Regularly service your air conditioner and install energy-efficient lights in your home.

Internet Packages That Are Cost-effective

If you’re looking for a home internet and TV package in Dubai, do your research beforehand and look for promotions and bundles. The long term savings can be significant. A basic TV package can also lower your costs. Instead of choosing a premium package that you rarely use, opt for a basic package that includes only the channels you regularly watch.