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10 Best Restaurants In Abu Dhabi To Enjoy Its Delectable Cuisine


Travelers from all over the world are drawn to the culturally diverse capital of the United Arab Emirates by the incredible variety of experiences and attractions it offers. The stunning and elegant Sheikh Zayed Mosque is a sight to behold, while Ferrari World offers unlimited adventure with its exhilarating rides and fastest roller coaster in the world.

Your journey to the city will be remarkable because of the UNESCO world heritage monuments, top-notch museums, pleasant shopping, and infinite culinary delights. The restaurants in Abu Dhabi reflect the city’s cosmopolitan attitudes and opulent splendor, offering a wide variety of alternatives and cuisines to indulge your taste buds. Here are a few of Abu Dhabi’s top eateries for a culinary adventure as fascinating as your travel stories.

UAE’s Abu Dhabi’s Top 18 Restaurants

Looking for the top restaurants in Abu Dhabi? The location provides a top-notch culinary feast to travelers and foodies in and around Abu Dhabi. While there are several restaurants in Abu Dhabi, you must visit these 18 spots if you want to eat something unique. Look at this!

1. Byblos Sur Mer

Your hunt for the best fine dining establishments in Abu Dhabi that also delivers the most delicious Lebanese food in town comes to an end at this outstanding restaurant. The ability to drink shisha combined with some of the best cocktails is a memorable experience, and there is a lovely outside dining area. They have a fantastic Friday brunch, and on the weekends they also have a set Lebanese cuisine with terrific music. The pleasant crew elevates the bar for customer service, and their kebabs, fish, fattouch, and hummus are all excellent.

2. The Terrace on the Corniche

This establishment, which offers a wonderful assortment of food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, is unquestionably among the greatest buffet restaurants in Abu Dhabi. The beautifully decorated establishment is staffed by pleasant and knowledgeable employees that provide excellent customer service. The restaurant’s Friday brunch is well-known for its extensive menu and high caliber of dishes. The dessert counter is above and beyond the excellent appetizers and main dish. They produce nothing less than works of art with their sculptured cakes, chocolate fountain, and other treats.

3. BOA Steakhouse

One of the greatest restaurants in Abu Dhabi for a scrumptious American-style lunch or fantastic Friday brunch is this contemporary steakhouse with a sleek and laid-back atmosphere. The specialty steaks and chops are presented with a variety of rubs and house sauces, and every meal is cooked to perfection. Hire a personal driver and visit BOA Steakhouse. Benny, the bartender, creates some amazing cocktails and cheerfully serves them. A must-try dessert there is called Bounty.

4. Chinese Hakkasan

This Michelin star restaurant, which is housed inside the magnificent 7-star Emirates Palace Hotel, consistently outperforms expectations with its delicious cuisine and first-rate service. The food is tasty and unusual, and the indoor and exterior dining areas are impressively furnished. One of the most romantic restaurants in Abu Dhabi due to the stunning skyline view from their patio. The wide bar offers excellent cocktails, and the staff is informed and helpful.

5. Cuba’s Asia 

Asia de Cuba is a well-liked destination for tourists since it offers a range of flavorful Asian dishes and has a cozy setting. For those who enjoy fine dining, the St. Regis Hotel’s restaurant is a great retreat.

6. Peppermill

Popular in Abu Dhabi, Peppermill is renowned for its delicate balancing of Indian spices. Here, you can taste ethnic Indian cuisine or seafood. Each dish contains a special secret ingredient that evokes authentic flavors.

7. Prego’s

Prego’s Restaurant in Abu Dhabi is the perfect place for you to arrange your dinner if you enjoy Italian cuisine. The restaurant has a vibrant atmosphere and serves wonderful authentic Italian cuisine with a variety of pasta, burrata, pizza, and wedge bread.

8. Finz

Finz restaurant is the ideal place to satisfy your hunger if you enjoy seafood and want to sample the diverse dishes presented in Abu Dhabi. Visit this restaurant  next to Beach Rotana with VIP Chauffeur service, so you can enjoy the mouthwatering seafood while taking in the beauties of the shimmering ocean.

9. Almayass

Almayass is renowned for its retro decor and nostalgic atmosphere. It is one of the busiest spots in the city where you can feel the local spirit and serves authentic American and Lebanese cuisine. If you visit the restaurant when visiting Abu Dhabi, be sure to try the Batinjan harr.

10. Catch

Abu Dhabi’s Catch is renowned for its gastronomic marvels. The restaurant offers an alluring view of the Arabian Gulf along with a variety of seafood dishes. The restaurant is a location where you can enjoy delectable seafood and magnificent views while watching the musical performances. It features a trendy layout mixed with contemporary music.


Are you now motivated to travel to these locations? We advise you to! Plan your vacation to the UAE with us, and make sure to visit these Abu Dhabi restaurants for a delectable meal! For more details like Budget-friendly guide For safe travel, hire SafeDriverDXB for all your travel needs.