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Bus 35 Seaters With Driver

Bus 35 Seaters With Driver

The room is air-conditioned and has a seat-back table. There is a USB port and an infotainment system.

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Legroom ensures a comfortable journey. Carpet covers the entire floor. For short trips, there is plenty of luggage space. Large numbers of passengers can be accommodated.

Hire an experienced driver who drives a 35-seater coach to ensure a comfortable ride. Our 35 Seater Coach drivers are safe and experienced. For greater convenience and accessibility, the 35 Seater Coach has a spacious luggage compartment with wide open doors. With the advanced infotainment system, you can travel stress-free.

Take a 35 seater coach and driver around the city, explore prime locations, or travel between emirates. Our professional driver also guarantees a safe journey. The 35 Seater Coaches we operate are operated by our safe drivers who maintain the highest standards of service.